Realizability in Uruguay 2016


The first austral variant of the « Realizability in Chambéry » workshop will take place between the 19th of July and the 23rd of July in the Argentino Hotel in Piriápolis, 100 km east from Montevideo, Uruguay. As for its savoyard counterpart, the mindset is intended to be quite open, but because of the location, it is probably more difficult for you just to pass by.

This meeting will happen as a Boreal Summer School (i.e. Austral Winter) with courses on various topics around realizability in the morning, as well as presentations submitted by the attendants in the afternoon. You are warmly encouraged to submit talks for the afternoon session!


The program is still to be precisely defined. Courses will be given by:

We have a few talk proposals by participants:


Current list of known participants:



We have a reasonable amount of funding for people, both for accomodation and trip expenditures. Please manifest yourself quickly if you need funding.

Registering and submitting

To register, please send a mail with subject tag [Montevideo2016] to Pierre-Marie Pédrot with your name, affiliation and request for funding.

Send your talk proposals the very same way.


We need to organize that one!